Can Kerosene Kill Bed Bugs?

Can kerosene kill bed bugs? This query goes back to the 1940s,’ when it was really popular to use it to kill insects. Many are in favor of kerosene as a bed bug killer. It is an old folk remedy. Many people say, however, that it is just a problem detector but can not eliminate it.
can kerosene kill bed bug
It is not at all recommended, as we can not use an electric motor such as in a vacuum cleaner if we have mopped our floor with Kerosene. You should avoid smoking in a kerosene treated environment. Even Pest controllers avoid the use of kerosene. The major reason behind this is safety.
can kerosene kill bed bugs 
Can kerosene kill bed bugs? Yes if you follow the following tips, though there is a high risk of fatality. Even a little mistake can cause a fire.
can kerosene kill bed bugs 
  • You can wipe down the floor, furniture, doorways and wood floors with kerosene to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Pour some drops of kerosene into the furniture crevices.
  • Partially fill four tin cans with kerosene oil and place them under each leg of the bed.
  • Pour some drops of kerosene into the furniture crevices.
  • Dip a sponge in kerosene. Check your mattress seams and tear out places of mattress. If you find any bed bugs put the kerosene in there with the sponge. Then air the mattress out. Apply some deodorizer to get rid of the kerosene odor.
  • You can also put some drops of kerosene in hot water to wash your bed sheets. After that do not forget to air it out well to vaporize the kerosene and also deodorize it to get rid of the kerosene smell.

Some popular bed bug destroyers

  • Mix together half a gallon of kerosene oil, an ounce of pennyroyal oil and a quart of turpentine spirit. This is far less dangerous. These oils are highly poisonous and distasteful to all kinds of insects. Use this mixture to spray around your house especially in the infested places. This is highly effective in getting rid of bed bugs.
  • Use burning sulfur to clear wall paper and wood work of infestation. Close every door and window so it can work most effectively.
  • Mix benzene, kerosene oil, turpentine and eucalyptus leaves and leave for 24 hours. Apply this mixture to infested places.

Some disadvantages of using kerosene

can kerosene kill bed bugs
  • It smells and everything which is wiped down will also smell of kerosene.
  • It is highly inflammable and thus dangerous.
  • It also produces flammable vapors.
  • It can kill in large amounts, so start with only a small quantity.
What ever the pros and cons of kerosene, it is highly recommended by many experts not to use it to get rid of bed bugs. Threads like “can kerosene kill bed bugs” only misguides many folks as there are many people who smoke in a house; in such houses it can be dangerous.


  1. My grandson picked up lice so I was doing the bag thing just in case he left a louse with us on a visit. Two doors down, the woman had bites, and I (as a super) brought in a pesticide company who sprayed twice. Ten days after the second spray, I checked up on her and noticed a new welt. "It's a pimple from an allergy," she retorted. Except that was what she said the first time. And, on the pimple was something that looked like a louse. So, I looked up body lice and am I the only one that notices that a body louse looks like a male bed bug with PINCHERS. The ridges on the back of both look TOO similiar. I dusted with earth before doing the bed bug preventative program. I haven't found anything but I do have bites, a scratch with three to four beads and I bet that those beads are eggs waiting to hatch. So, while continuing preventative I rubbed my body with Raid Ant Killer to sleep as it drys into a hard coat and sticks to my pj's. I'm a senior if it causes cancer so be it. I still haven't found a bed bug. And, I don't have any new bites.

  2. Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

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  3. Thanks Man ...

    your Information is valuable and will try kerosine in house this weekends for getting rid of Blood sucking Bed bugs

    i think i will dilute Kerosine before applying on BEDs , mattress and bed sheet.

    In INDIA : Khatnil is a Pest control liquid. adv of it is it is herbal and smell less

    BUT it is Not that Effective ... after months Bed bugs come back ...

    now trying kerosene

  4. Truly useful information on the bed bugs. Last month, I took help of one of the renowned pest management companies to get permanent treatment for symptoms of bedbugs that I have found at my home and in my lawn. Glad they resolved this problem same day.

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  8. What about sprays? They are effective? Any suggestion?