How to Kill Bed Bug Eggs

“How to kill bed bug eggs”. This question is concerned with the danger yet to come. If there was a positive answer to such a question then there might have been no problem like it exists now. In fact there would have been no bed bug species.
Bed bugs belong to the orderHemiptera . Others that belong to this order are scaled creatures, aphids and cicadas. Bed bugs are true bugs.Hemiptera have mouths with beaks capable of piercing tissue and sucking blood. This beak is also used for piercing the female abdomen and ejaculating into the body cavity.
how to kill bed bug eggs
Female lays one to five eggs per day after male genital pierces the female during mating. Over 10 months, one female can produce up to 200 eggs.
Female Bedbugs lay 1 to 12 eggs per day. Eggs get adhere to the substrate by means of a sticky substrate  coating on them. They are white and 1/32 inch long.
how to kill bed bug eggs
Bed bug eggs
They deposit these eggs in protected places such as crevices, cracks or near the hosts’ sleeping quarters. Most commonly eggs are placed inside a box spring, on the mattress, in the coils of a bed, behind peeling wallpaper, near the rug’s edge, in closets and baseboards. Bed bug eggs can be found at similar places to where bed bugs are present. The favorite place to nestle is in the seams of fabric. They can be found in various places. You have to make use of a stiff brush to dislodge the eggs.
how to kill bed bug eggs
a female bug laying eggs
The hatching of eggs largely depends on temperature. They do not need their mother bug around to hatch. They hatch in round about two weeks. Not all insecticides and other chemicals are capable of killing the eggs. Alcohol is also one of those chemicals which are not capable of killing bed bug’s eggs. Bed bugs eggs are hard to detect. Some have the appearance of rice while others of sesame seeds.
How to kill bed bug eggs?
how to kill bed bug eggs
  • Temperature and time correlation is very important in order to kill both bed bugs and their eggs.
  • ThermaPure is capable of annihilating entire bedbug population in a single treatment. It works on the principle that 60 minutes in hot dryer heat kills bed bug eggs.
  • Cryonite freezing can also kill the bed bugs eggs.
  • PackTite heat treatment is also to kill bed bugs eggs.
  • Using Alcohol Spray  along with other measures such as herbs can dry up bed bug eggs.
  • Spray some alcohol on the eggs while spraying it in other parts of the house. When the eggs hatches, the nymphs die because of the alcohol present on the egg’s surface.
  • A green non-toxic Bio Pesticide DIY is also effective in killing bed bugs eggs.
  • A follow up inspection every 2 weeks is necessary to ensure that they are dead.
Nature has solution for every problem. According to natural food chain there are several predators which feed on bed bugs. These predators are cone nosed insects, American cockroaches, spiders and pharaoh. But our research system is still far from discovering a biological control.
Scientific research is still going on to develop such a control method to kill bed bugs at the egg stage to restrict the danger ahead wih no solution to date. Until such a timem, questions such as how to kill bed bug eggs will persist, or you can go for the above mentioned techniques.


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  3. Bed Bugs Toronto - Usually, bed bugs bite people when they are sleeping. These bugs inject an anticoagulant into the human body. So, sometimes, we may not know their bites. It can also able to love around 12 months without food. These parasites can also survive infrequently used apartment or hotel rooms. Normally, they attack humans. However, they can also bite pets as well. Bed bugs hide in crevices and cracks near bed during day time. And they come out from their hiding places during night

  4. I use a carpenters blow heater. You can rent them from most rental shops. I take all clothes out and wash them, I cover the door to the room with a heavy blanket and turn on the blow heater. The front of the heater needs to be inside the room and the back of the heater outside the room. You will need a fan to blow on the back of the heater so it wont shut off. This way you can heat the room to over 120 deg. I heat the room for about 2 hours. Make sure you take out and wash anything that could melt. This kills bed bugs and the eggs. Stand the mattress up on end to get both sides hot at the same time. I do this for a house that keeps over 40 men, they come from the street with a lot of bed bug problems. try it it works