How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Computer and Other Electronics

How do you get rid of bed bugs in computer and other electronics?  This question proves that they can be found almost every where. They can transfer to your body undetected while you are working on your system or playing video games. This takes all the fun out of playing and diverts focus from your work.
how to get rid if bed bugs in computer and other electronics
This bed bug problem seems to be never ending one. There are people who have cleaned the whole house, washed and dried all the infested and dirty textiles yet are still looking for an effective solution to get rid of them. Obviously, it is frustrating that after all their efforts they get bed bugs in their computers and other electronic appliances like radios, televisions, video games and telephones, to name a few.
how to get rid of bed bugs in computer and other electronics
The major problem in trying to get rid of bed bugs from electronic appliances is that these items are sensitive to heat, solutions and most other treatments.
So, how do you get rid of bed bugs in computers and other electronics?
how to get rid of bed bugs in appliances
  • This is a tried and trusted trick. Soak a rag in pesticide. Place your laptop, along with this soaked rag, in a plastic bag for 48hours. For this treatment you must take the following precautions:
  1. Close the laptop properly so that there will be no contact with the keys. The soaked rag should be kept far away from the laptop in a single plastic bag. Only the fumes or vapors of pesticides can go inside the laptop.
  2. Thoroughly wipe down your laptop with deodorant to get rid of that obnoxious pesticide smell.
  • You can also heat up your computer internally by “over-clocking”.  You can easily download this tool. Temperatures of over 113 degrees Fahrenheit are fatal to bed bugs.
  • You can also try moth balls.
  • You should not spray any liquid insecticide.
  • You can also go for heat and fumigation treatments but in a controlled manner. Preferably call a pest controller.
  • Most electronic equipment can handle temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the items in a thermal chamber. The temperature should be properly regulated.
  • Chemicals like sulfuryl fluoride are used in fumigation. This is also one of the effective treatments for bed bug infested electronic appliances. It is highly recommended to call professional for fumigation.
  • DDVP resin strips can be used. Place it in a plastic trash bag and leave it for 4 days. There is a risk of gas leakage out, so always keep it in a place far from the living area.
  • You can also use Nuvan Prostrip to reduce bed bugs that have entered in electronic appliances. Take care that Nuvan Prostrip does not come into contact with the items themselves. Seal the items for at least 48 hours to kill eggs, larvae and bed bugs.
    how to get rid of bed bugs
Above all, calling a pest controller always helps in reducing as every bed bug infestation from your house. When they get vacate other locations then they will definitely also leave electronic appliances.

How to get rid of bed bugs from the refrigerator

Step 1: Completely empty the fridge, switch it off and unplug it.

 Wash the fridge with vinegar and washing soda.

 Rinse with fresh hot water and wipe it out with a clean rag.
Step4: Use a brush or vacuum to clean the coils.

 Wipe between the gasket and door with the help of rag wrapped around a popsicle stick.

Step 6:
 replace everything including food properly.
Pest controllers know very well how to get rid of bed bugs in computers and other electronics. So it is highly recommend that you call them, or you can use the above mentioned products and tricks.

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