Will A Hot Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

Heat is the most common way to get rid of bed bugs. Suffering due to bed bugs gave rise to the hot hair dryer as a tool to kill bed bugs. The height of the problem gave rise to several new solutions. When victims lost their belief on sprays, aerosols or powders then they started trying out their own inventions. There was just an idea that heat was the most efficient way to kill bed bugs, and they tried everything that involved heat, including hair driers. Will a hot hair dryer kill bed bugs? People have been trying the heat method since centuries. Central heating in a house is the traditional way of maintaining constant heat to get rid of bed bugs. Traditions have always been the best guidepost for most things in life.

Advantages of heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs

will a hot hair dryer kill bed bugs
Hot hair dryers are being used for killing bed bugs due to the advantages of heat treatment.
  • It is a non-chemical method which clearly indicates it is free of side-effects.
  • It is one those few low-cost solutions to this problem.
  • It is do-it-yourself, so saves the exterminator’s fees.
In spite of the above logic, the question arises: will a hot hair dryer actually kill bed bugs? Yes, it is effective, if the hair dryer is exposed to bed bugs for about an hour at 113 degrees. The heat produced by a hot hair dryer is sufficient to kill bed bugs. It can generate up to 140 degrees of heat. This temperature is capable of burning human skin the moment it is exposed to it. Use a hair dryer for small areas to concentrate the effects on bed bugs. Once you have completely eradicated the infestation, there is a reduced chances of invasion of bed bugs.

Disadvantages of using the hair dryer

will a hot hair dryer kill bed bugs
  • One cannot completely eradicate the bed bug infestation with a hot hair dryer.
  • It can only prevent them for a short period of time and only after a long exposure.
  • It is not the most recommended way of killing bed bugs. If you have other options then go for them instead of a hair dryer.
It is a well-known  fact that it is very hard to kill bed bugs. Things like borax or a hair dryer cannot solve the problem. You must contact an exterminator for a real solution. Will a hot hair dryer kill bed bugs? Maybe it can provide you short term relief. 

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