Does Baby Powder Kill Bed Bugs

Questions such as “Does baby powder kill bed bugs?” gains momentum only when one is not aware. Therefore, awareness is the most important tool, especially in when dealing with the problems like bed bugs. You can easily get rid of bed bugs with the use of many effective techniques other than baby powder.

Baby powder as a bed bug repellent

  • Some baby powders consist of coarse material such as cornstarch, which makes it difficult for bed bugs to crawl on it. However, there are several theories that prove that it doesn’t work.
does baby powder kill bed bugs
  • It is a  form of talcum powder, which can be poisonous. This is true only for humans thoough, not for bed bugs. Talcum powder can cause poisoning only when it is accidentally inhaled or consumed by someone. Bedbugs cannot be affected as drastically as humans.
  • Talcum powder can cause several health hazards like breathing problems and cancer. This side effect is limited only to humans.

Preferable ways to kill bed bugs

  • Get rid of bed bugs with the help of Cryonite. It utilizes a freezing mechanism to kill bed bugs. It can effectively eradicate bed bug infestations.
  • You can also utilize a heat mechanism to get rid of them.
  • There are several home remedies to get rid of them. Home remedies are useful only in cases of small number of bed bugs.

Chemicals to kill bed bugs

  • Borax is effective in preventing bed bugs.
  • Raid
  • There are several insecticides available on the market which can be effectively utilized to kill bed bugs.
  • There are several bed bugs repellents like Drione dust, which can be used to prevent bed bugs.

Some tips to prevent bed bugs

does baby powder kill bed bugs
  • You must change your bed sheets twice a week.
  • Always wash bed sheets in hot water. Insecticides should not be used on bed sheets.
  • Always use the dustbin to discard papers and wrapper. Bed bugs love to eat paper. Bed bugs can easily chew all plastics. They cannot resist these areas.
  • Cleaning is the most important way to remove or prevent bed bugs. Closets, carpets, door jambs, wood moldings, and picture frames should be regularly removed of dust.
  • Promptly plaster every crack in your walls to prevent bed bug havens.
  • Do not ever purchase second hand furniture like beds, as they are the most common source of bed bugs.
  • Frequent inspection of your household can lead to bed bug free house.
  • Avoid placing luggage on your furniture. Mattresses and couches are highly prone to bed bug infestation.
  • Do not forget to inspect the most-used areas of your house.
It is just a waste of money to purchase baby powder, especially as bed bug repellent. Baby powder is an astringent powder which is used as a deodorant for infants or kids. It is ineffective as repellent or insecticide. Think… would you treat your baby with an insecticide?


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    Your post is really informative. I read the all tips of Prevent Bed Bugs. These are truly helpful to get rid of bed bugs.

  2. WTF? Bed bugs are hemovores - blood eaters! They are like lice, they do NOT eat paper or plastic!

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  4. I should be receiving my order of Bed Bug Powder in the mail very soon. I am adding it to my bed bug killing routine. I will also have an exterminator coming soon.

    I was wondering if anyone can share their success stories using the powder, and/or provide any tips that worked for them.

    Thanks so much!