How To Kill Bed Bugs In a Car

A car, whether a Maruti 800 or an Audi, changes your lifestyle once you get it. It makes your life comfortable as well. Imagine this comfort acquires the bite of bed bugs! It surely has the potential to spoil all of the comfort. But it is a fact bed bugs have infested cars (your most comfortable conveyance) as well. In these cases you must be aware of how to kill bed bugs in a car. Anything which has carpet and upholstery can be infested by bed bugs. Couches are one of the most infested places whether in your living room or in your car. Bed bugs may be difficult to kill but easy to get rid of. There are very few things available to kill bed bugs that will also be at the expense of one’s health.

Causes of Bed bugs in your car

how to kill bed bugs in a car
  • Bed bugs can reach your car via your luggage, clothes, etc.
  • If you have bought a used or second hand car then you also may have to suffer with bed bug bites.

Why it is harmful to have bed bugs in a car

how to kill bed bugs in a car 
  • Bed bugs can bite who ever is sitting in the car and cause skin rash.
  • Bed bugs will make it more difficult to drive safely. They will disturb you every now and then by biting you. 
  • It increases the probability of accident due to this disturbance.
  • It is not at all affordable to substitute such an expensive thing as a car with the new one.

Some effective ways to get rid of bed bugs in a car

how to kill bed bugs in a car
  • Remove the seat covers and wash them in warm water. Keep them in the drier for an hour. The heat and detergents have the capacity to kill all of the bed bugs and eggs present in the cover.
  • Clean the car on regular basis. This helps remove all the bed bug debris: that is eggs and excreta. If possible, use a vacuum to clean under the seats. Vacuum cleaners can very effectively suck away all the bed bugs and related debris.
how to kill bed bugs in a car 
  • Make use of diatomaceous earth to get all those bed bugs hidden in the cracks and seams of the carpet. This is one of the few natural methods to kill bed bugs in a car.
  • Steam is very effective and flexible enough to be used in many places to get rid of pests like bed bugs.
  • Now this one can be uncomfortable but it’s better than being bitten by the bed bugs. Wrap your seats in the plastic bags. This way you can not be bitten by bed bugs hidden in the folds and seams of the car seats.
  • Change your clothes when going to bed as bed bugs can arrive there via your clothes. Bed bugs are very good at traveling.
  • Keep some home-made lavender pillows in your car to get rid of bed bugs. It is not at all difficult to make Lavender pillows.
  • You can also spray lavender oil to get rid of bed bugs. This is the best natural solution to kill bed bugs in a car.
  • Always keep a spray bottle with yourself while traveling. This helps keep away bed bugs.
  • Keep a hand-made lavender sachet in your car’s upholstery. This helps to prevent bed bugs. 
how to kill bed bugs in a car 
The above tips on how to kill bed bugs in a car are very useful for a safe journey. Besides those, you can also get the help of professionals or exterminators. It is very important to free your car from bed bugs as they can get into your clothes and from there you can take them unknowingly into your house. So no more delays, take effective measures to get rid of bed bugs in your car.

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  1. I used a big bag of diatomaceous and it didn't kill them