Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs

Calcium Hypochlorite orbleaching powder is widely popular for disinfecting swimming pool or drinking water. It is also used for killing household pests and removes moss and algae. Bleach has enough potential to kill most of the insects. The fumes are harmful to both insects and human. Does bleach kill bed bugs?Long exposure of bleach to bed bugs can eradicate it completely. It kills bed bugs only when it comes in direct contact with them.
Does bleach kill bed bugs
Chlorine bleach and other pesticides help to cope up the situation but they are harmful for humans and pets as well. Yet there exists different opinions regarding the same thing. Some people says bleach do not work to get rid of bed bugs. Bleach works most effectivelywhen used in high concentration. However, nothing is better than a temperature of 114 degree Fahrenheit. No bed bug can escape this temperature. If bleach is used in combination to this temperature than it can definitely kill it.
How can we use bleach with 114 degree Fahrenheit temperature to get rid of bed bugs?
  • The very first thing which you have to do is to take out the sheets, pillows, pillow cases, bed spread and blankets. Remember roll them up and then take off from bed so that any bed bug which is cling there get out of it.
  • It’s better to throw away some old things like mattress pad. Replace these mattress pads with the new one.
  • Wash all bedding with the hot water. Heat above 114 degree Fahrenheit is highly fatal for bed bugs.
Bleach on Mattresses
Take cautions as you can damage your mattress in the process of killing bed bugs. Bleach adversely affects mattress. It’s better to throw away the most infested furniture rather than treating it with such an extreme means. When you lay on this bleach treated bedding, its fumes can damage your lungs.
How to use bleach so that it works most effectively?
does bleach kill bed bugs
Chlorine bleach can be used to get rid of bed bugs from the bedding. Pour in a cup of chlorine bleach and two cups of vinegar in water. Now put the bedding into this solution. Use your washing machine to get the best result. Wash the bedding again with detergent and chlorine bleach. Make use of hard-bristled brush to remove the bed bugs which get cling to the bedding. Preferably let it get dry under sun.
Though it is said that bed bug can harbor any place, yet keep your place ultra clean. Routinely vacuum and mop the carpets and floors. You can use bleach in your regular mopping of floor. Does bleach kill bed bugs?
Yes, it does but it works best when you use it in the following way:
  1. Sprinkle the bleach on the floor.
  2. Use alcohol mixed with the hottest available water to mop the floor. Bag up everything which is sensitive to any substance such as bleach and alcohol, being used to kill the bed bugs. This should all be sealed in plastic.
  3. Keep the bag with the bleach sensitive items away from the treated area. It is recommended that they are discarded in case of extreme infestation of bed bugs. Bleach sensitive items are bedding, cushions, clothes, food items, bathroom articles (towels, soap, etc.), and so on. The goal must be to protect those items from bleach which come in direct contact with the skin. Bleach is harmful for humans and pets as well. 
Kill bed bugs with safety!
  • I generally keep the bleaching powder in the cupboard with other household products. It releases toxic chlorine gas, so keep it in a place which is away from the reach of children and pets. Place it somewhere which is not used much.
  • Once I removed some stains on my favorite sofa set with bleaching powder. After few days I noticed a crack had appeared. Bleach harms furniture by destroying the wood tissue. Strictly avoid using it to kill bed bugs hiding in furniture.
  • Always use a color-safe bleach so that your bedding does not become discolored especially sheets.
The conclusion drawn to”Does bleach kill bed bugs” is – you can eradicate bed bugs with the help of bleach to a large extent, but bleach is a harmful substance so go for substances such as diatomaceous earth if you want something safer. It is possible to get relief with the use of bleach. However, if the bed bug infestation is still uncontrollable then it is highly recommended to call an exterminator to get rid of these stubborn critters.


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  2. if the bleach dose not work is their anything butter to use

    1. Pretty sure butter wouldn't help anything...except perhaps make you more tastey for the bedbugs to dine on.

  3. Can you use color safe bleach in a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets? (Mine are light colored anyway)

  4. 91% alcohol kills them on contact

  5. I got rid of them once but my ex bf bought them back now I'm havin a hard time. and i don't won't my son to get bit by them. i need help

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    I need help on finding the best steamer for bed bugs

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  8. I've been sprinkling bleach on the floor and bed bugs are staying away...I think bed bugs love warm temperature so im keeping my air conditioning on

    1. does the air conditioner help

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