How To Kill Bedbugs With Alcohol

The word alcohol comes from the Arabic term al kohl which means “fine powder”. It has proven its value in various usages, but how do you kill bedbugs with alcohol?
how to kill bed bugs with alcohol
To get rid of bed bugs we require a special alcohol. Alcohol always kills bed bugs when in direct contact. The use of rubbing alcohol is advantageous than Clorox or bleach products. Bleach stains fabrics and can also damage other materials. However, alcohol does not to penetrate into the cracks, crevices, fabrics and mattresses. At best, it is just a temporary treatment.

How to kill bedbugs with alcohol. Follow these Steps.

  • Wash all bedding. Use hot water ( at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature effectively kills all bed bugs.
  • Vacuum the infested area. Even if a few hot spots are not infested, vacuum them too, just to ensure proper cleanliness. Remember dirt is an invitation to these pesky pests.
  • Provide proper ventilation before using any alcoholic spray as it is harmful for humans.
  • Spray isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with a chemical sprayer. Dilute the alcohol in a 9:1 ratio (alcohol: water).
how to kill bedbugs with alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Spray this alcohol mixture on all infested areas and hot spots. These hot spots include mattress, headboards, cracks, crevices, carpets, etc. You can use either a bottle or a spray bottle to get the most efficient results.
  • You can also rub the isopropyl alcohol on eggs so that when the bugs hatch they will be killed. Alcohol can kill the nymphs.
  • You can also combine this alcohol treatment with steam cleaning to enhance its efficiency.
  • Remove the dead bugs with toilet paper and then flush them.
  • Repeat the above steps every two weeks.
how to kill bed bugs with alcohol
  • You can also rub this alcohol on your skin to avoid bed bug bites.
  • Alcohol is highly effective in prohibiting bed bugs. You can even take a spray bottle filled with alcohol while traveling.

Some disadvantages of using alcohol to kill bed bugs

  • It can damage your furniture’s finish, paint and plastic surfaces.
how to kill bedbugs with alcohol
Use of alcohol in a kitchen
  • It never kills bed bug eggs.
  • It is harmful for humans too, so protect your eyes while spraying.
  • It kills only on contact with bed bugs. So, if you want to kill all bed bugs in your house, you have to catch each and every bed bug andspray on its surface.
  • It evaporates very quickly.
  • Bed bugs can easily cross the barrier after the evaporation of alcohol.
Those who wish to seek relief from the bed bug bites must now have the solution to the problem of how to kill bedbugs with alcohol. So do not waste any time in incorporating the above mentioned steps into your lifestyle.


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  3. some really helpful tips on how to kill bed bugs it can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared, but I was able to find a great way to make my home pest free

  4. I used a sponge mop and poured several bottles of alcohol on the wood floors. Then mopped. I did every room in the house. Also took off base boards and sprayed alcohol behind them.


    Rubbing alcohol contains lanolin and other lubricants.

    Isopropyl alcohol is NOT rubbing alcohol.